We are dodging a bullet everyday, as we try to work out where exactly Mr Covid hangs out? Sadly we can’t switch it on or off, so we really need to be serious and let our common sense guide us the best way possible, there are so many theories regarding this,but, one thing is for sure, something out there is infecting people, who then become ill and some sadly die, so maybe we should act sensible until we have a little more evidence …………….

We need to be aware of as many ways as we can to protect ourselves and of course our love one’s, we have entered into fall and our days are getting shorter, we are all wearing masks, washing our hands and keeping a social distance, but we are none the wiser as to what is going to happen in the following months, we know that things are not expected to improve greatly, as it is already in force in more than one country that no more than six people (family) can sit at a table, especially as Christmas is coming, it has also been announced that the “Calvalgatta” the typical Christmas parade(the arrival of the the three kings) will be cancelled or serious changes will have to be made. (Here in Spain)As many have not been infected by the virus,it seems pretty sure that more people are going to be ill, and that is not a pleasant thought as some will have serious complications.

However, although we are up against the invisible enemy there are one or two little things we can do for ourselves and our loved one’s, you may think it is all wrong to prepare for an illness if you don’t have it, but, the medical term is prehabilitation , it gives us a possibility in the event of being infected by covid or any other virus, knowing how to breath correctly and being as fit as possible,this will enable us to have a quicker recovery and hopefully less complications. Knoing to breath a little harder and faster can be a great advantage with this virus.

Exercise is obviously high on this list, but like everything else you need to grow into it and not go for Olympic Gold on the first day, if your not an exercise person, a brisk walk will give you the same benefit, where you build up a pace, where you can talk,but maybe can’t sing too well. Any activity is better than none…. walking the dog, a little gardening even housework and taking the stairs….. if you find you are a little breathless, you are probably doing the correct amount of exercise. Even a dance around your home, now thats fun, so you really have no excuse. It’s always best to be prepared. Breathing harder and quickly is needed with this virus, a great preparation for this is breathing in deeply and releasing, around three times is good, if you find your dizzy, have a break and then go back to it,but deep breathing is great prep for any illness.

You must always use your common sense with this also, if you know what would normally cause your immune system to take a dip or if you don’t sleep enough you tend to pick up a cold or something similar, you need more than ever now to avoid those kind of situations, using your common sense can really help you out.

One of the big questions regarding this virus, is why some people and others no, is it something related to our lifestyle? there seems to be little information, we do know that Vitamin D can be a great help,apart from the sunlight, in the function of immune systems it helps cells in the lungs to form a natural antibiotic like substance called antimicrobial peptides, which can help to ward off viruses as well as bacteria. Vitamin D is also known to dampen harmful inflammation. During the coming winter months, it will do us no harm taking Vitamin D3 on a daily basis, it will bring the same benefit as getting out in the sunshine each day.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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