You know, there is a beautiful saying, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

So, how do you see yourself, do you take in all your good points and realise that you could be living maybe the best moment of your life, do you acknowledge how strong you are, not only maybe physically but mentally, that through your experiences in life you have become wiser, more tolerate and you maybe also feel more compassion.

Do you confident, in everything you do, and if you don’t why don’t you, do you feel fear anxiety, before you go forward and do something new.

It is so important to understand that the mind controls all that we do, and certain experiences we feel, certain emotions are created by ourselves, when we realise this fact, we can with time, prevent these feelings from controlling our life and we can learn to have the correct mindset.

Whatever occupation we have in life we need the same strength to obtain the mindset we are seeking, we all wish to be successful in any field we are in, and it is work you need to do, no one can do it for you, you need to be capable of stepping out of your comfort zone and being the strong person that you are, no matter what you do or don’t do for a living.

Do you feel strong and beautiful within yourself, if you are attending a school PTA or directing a major company the image that you project and the connection you have with people will have the same importance, to your employees or your child and family. Beauty can be seen in many ways and what you feel inside regarding yourself, will certainly show on the outside, people feel your vibrations as soon as they meet you and remember, many say, that first impressions last, so you need to get it right, ou may not get another chance…… when people explain you, what do you think they say, which words do they use? shy, introvert, timid or do you come across as loud extrovert quick tempered…….you see how important it is to project yourself how you are, you may get those other lable’s because you are covering up the short falls you feel you have, the magic words you really want to hear are confident,carismatic,polite educated calm, when you are comfortable with who you are, you will feel some of these things and project them. You need to feel strong, beautiful feminine and even sexy within yourself. Nobody can replace you as an individual, no matter how hard they try, and that includes you, we can all have role models that is good,and even healthy but you always need to have yourself within that mixture,which is why we are unique,project who you are,be proud of who you are and live the happiest life you can

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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