So, lets make it easy………..your why, the meaning which some of you may not know is your reason to move forward, your motivation your guiding light………….

The importance of your why, is….it has to be something that moves you from the core, that sets your heart on fire and brings forth the determination of a winner, never quit……….we all have negative moments, all of us, and when this happens, we need to pull on the strength of your why, this will instantly bring you back from the negativity into a positive way of viewing things and your motivation to continue will be strong and intact.

When you have chosen your why and firmly decide that it motivates you more than anything else, you need to give it top priority in the front of your mind, you need to be able to bring it to the surface, in an instant, to wipe away the negativity when it calls…………….your why and positivity will always go hand in hand, find your real why and use it to its full potential ……

Brooke Universal Life Coach



6 Comments on “WHY ?

    • It’s easy, just think of something that is important to you, a person, a pet even a house or place, something that makes you smile and keep going, no matter what!! Have a great evening 😊


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