Well yes I am alive, I am living a life I enjoy, and I believe to do that I need to pass each year as it comes and age with it, do you have a problem with that ? 

beautiful 1

I am getting older, but it does not bother me, if it did I would maybe be dead, I feel that I am young at heart and that it is what matters, I keep my mind open and try to learn something everyday, I always feel good inside, even when my heart wanted to say bye-bye !! ( In fact two of my doctors have confirmed to me , that my attitude from the first day until I left the hospital and even now, is probably a big factor to me being really well and recovering way within my time limit) October is my birthday month and every year is so special in every way possible, we pass by this way, once, and it really helps if we are happy and enjoy this experience, this does not mean that we will not have bad days and experiences, of course we will and do, nobody is happy 24/7 (no matter what they say) I know that I personally have with each passing year more understanding in general I have deepened my level of understanding I can see what is possible and what is not, what is a good fit and what is not, does that make me perfect,NO.

I don’t feel anyone is ,also I try to use the depth of information I have for good and utilise the experience my life until now has given me, in my own life and that of others, particularly within my work, I think that one of the big secrets to ageing is to accept it  honestly and gracefully and allow the outside world to know how great it can be and is, don’t hide behind aches and pains because you feel that is how you should behave for your age. You can’t help getting older but you don’t have to get old !!

beautiful 2

When we are truly ourselves, an inner beauty will find its way out to the outside world, this will always be hidden, if you try to live the life of some one else. You can always feel young and beautiful, not by losing kilos of weight or wearing kilos of makeup, but simply by loving myself for who I am. Beauty exists at every age, it is not about youth and perfection, it is about how you see yourself. I found this wonderful quote by Eleanor Roosevelt “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but, beautiful old people are works of art ” 

When you consider your age, just think how many years the world has been able to enjoy you, a unique gift to all around you.

Beautiful 3

Nothing will make a woman or man look older than someone trying desperately hard to look young. When you are mature and well-educated you will find you are not afraid of expletives, and you do not think twice to put a fool in their place, that is the power of language and experience. What ever your age, enjoy everyday, never stop learning and always be your beautiful self. 

Brooke Universal Coach 


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