“Just because I don’t call you out on something, does not mean I don’t know about it. Don’t mistake my silence for stupidity “

How many times has your or that of others opinion, come between other individuales, you know we can all respect opinions as long as the other opinion does not disrespect anyone else’s existence,your opinion will always be your opinion and your perception also , but try not to confuse this with facts or truths…..We can have and there are many differences of opinion and that in fact can make conversations with others more enjoyable, but this should always be without there being personal differences……there is such a tremendous difference in expressing your opinion and being rude, did you know that 10% of conflicts can be caused by a difference of opinion ,but sadly 90% is due to the tone of voice used, obviously the wrong tone…this is where we need to watch and control our approach to people and subjects, remember your body and voice language can speak loudly!! (As they say)………It is so lovely to see people speaking and chatting with one another regardless of their opinion and differences might be, we all have distinct viewpoints on everything and it is wonderful when we share, and amazing how much we can learn…..even within our business, we can be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods….your world can be changed, not by your opinion, but by your example…………

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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