What do you think stands out and identifies a victim, this is difficult to answer as each individual expresses themselves in distinct ways, however recent studies show that they will in general be people who like others to be aware of their suffering and experiences, they look for affirmation in others, they will also apart from the moments of victimisation be very correct people, following normal moral codes and may also show a sign of feeling superior and intend to show imperfection in others.

They can also feel no empathy for others, as they are extremely wrapped up within their own world, and only see and feel their own suffering. They will tend to regress to past events and suffering and wish to dwell there, instead of attempting to leave it behind, always remembering more events and emocional turmoil in a negative way. A victim will also make errors in the interpretation as they will see all the problems around them as personal , which can provoke the intention they feel to harm.

This survey does not reflect everyone who suffers from feeling this terrible victimization, we are all different, these are just points that have been observed more than others, what we should never forget is that, we all need a helping hand at times during our life, and we should try as hard as we can to reach out and help.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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