September is the month of the great return….. we start and we plan our final part of the year, but at the moment it is also a season of challenges and insecurity, and of course the dreaded virus that has been very present in our lives for the last six months……so returning to a normal routine, may not be as easy and without complications……but nothing is impossible !

The uncertainty at the moment due to Covid 19 in the last few weeks has had a terrible impact in the little one’s going back to school after their summer break, are we on the verse of the second wave of this terrible virus…….

Regarding any benefits we may have from the recent lockdowns around the world, they can be found in the restoration of our daily somewhat new routines…… activities we have maybe longed to do, although we may need to adapt to our new routine, it will however make some of us feel more confident within ourselves, maybe a little more sure financially having the ability of a little earning power once again, all of these things will be reassuring to us, and of course the ability to socialize with our family and friends .

The great challenge for most of us will be to learn how to live with this new situation and circumstances that surround us. Something that we should not avoid when returning to our plans and routines. Never forgetting of course all the new rules and regulations related to higiene established in our workplace and home, we should never place ourselves and others at risk, our health is of the utmost importance.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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