The lack of sleep seems to be an everyday problem within our modern society nowadays, sleep has  changed over the years, due to the light bulb giving light for longer and allowing us to participate in other activities, imagine what it would have been like to sleep from sun down to sun rise !

Then of course don’t let us forget the radio and television entering into our homes, yet a further distraction to keep us from sleep, even though enjoyable and even educational, and then the internet, in fact things have changed more in the last 20 years than maybe in the last century………all of these things have stolen important hours of our sleeping time, particularly in the younger generations. It was not all that long ago when our parents would state our bed time, and shortly after that time we would sleep. Now we navigate through the web, communicate with others in every corner of the world at any time, and it seems our dreams or tiredness can not stop this new ritual . Most of the young people who study sleep a lot less than they should in fact only 2 % sleep more than 8 hours  and the majority less than 7, the effect of lack of sleep not only affects younger people and children, adults are also effected by this. We need to sleep between 8 and 10 hours and very few people respect this biological fact. 

dreams 2a

Our new bad habits are mainly to blame for our lack of sleep and tiredness that we drag with us through life, we have mobile phones on the night table which is one of the biggest mistakes we make, we use it as an alarm, but the tradition alarm clock is far better for us, by having it next to us during the night it means we go to sleep more excited than normal , it delays us from falling asleep and we sleep with a poor quality of sleep and wake us before we should, all of this will course silent problems within our organs and life. 

dreams 3a

When we are tired we tend to have a lack of a sense of humour, and our general well-being is not at it’s best, our cardio vascular health can be affected along with our immune system, anxiety , loss of memory and we age much quicker !!

So, take note try to sleep the hours best suited to you, set aside our wonderful technology and let it also rest, it is far healthier to rest and to dream, do not let anyone or anything steal your dreams away.

Wishing you all a good sleep…………………………………

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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