When you look at this water, what do you feel? Do you feel tranquility, peace within maybe even panic?

Do you feel that the ebb and flow of the water, can be similar to that of your life, we have good days and bad days, days when are emotions are riding the waves and then suddenly crash and disappear within the same crest of the wave that gave you such happiness, this we are told is life, ups and downs, experiences and our learning curves of life.

Now of course we could let ourselves drown in this situation or we can take another road !! What is essential for us all to learn, is how we deal with situations in life, will greatly influence the outcome, and that outcome should be much more in your favour than against you…….. so you may feel that this is easier said than done, and I would agree with you,but like anything else in life that we wish to change, will count on you and your consistancy in the matter…all our habits can be changed this way, and your trail of thought in this case, is nothing more than a habit way of thinking, first it is important to realize that we are not victims to anything, we are not born with that title, we are the only ones who claim that title for our own…………..it is our way of thinking that creates these emotions in our minds, that also an emotion is implanted by how we think about this matter, the same we can think victim we can think victorious, we give ourselves the titles we drag with us through life, no matter what it maybe, fat, thin, beautiful ugly fearful brave worthy reckless useless nervous, sadly we plant those seeds then water them them daily with our thoughts and ways and allow them to flourish into a forest, at times unable to control,

Another problem that arises here, is that we are, at the same time giving people permission to treat us in the same way as we treat ourselves, we have opened that door, therefore it is so important for us to change our habits into healthy positive ones and allow people to see us in our true light, as strong positive people in every area of our life, at times it can be hard, and maybe not really what we want at that moment in time but everything in life happens for a reason, and we have to find and understand that reason, knowing that this can be hard, but to find ourselves, is the biggest gift we can give ourselves.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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