Ask and you shall receive………but are you ready to receive, this is as important as when you request your desire, we know that we should not concern ourselves with how we are going to receive what we want, but, we have to be ready and prepared to receive it,if not it could simply pass us by. What a wasted opportunity, we have been granted our wish,but we dropped the ball and missed it. There is no time stated with our wish,it could be tomorrow it could be next month or year, but if we do not pay attention and be aware of the signs sent to us to bring us closer to our wish,we have lost a golden opportunity sent to us by the universe. When we pay attention it will bring us more of what we want, if we give attention to peace we will have more peace in our life,the same for love,money,courage,confidence the more attention we give it the more we will obtain.


You need to open yourself up to receive, knowing you will obtain your wish,and be ready to collect it when the opportunity arises, we are then creating our wanted reality,we are the artist of our own reality,your attention and focus is within your inner self, the power is within you,connected strongly to your emotions,you feel and sense, your inner power allows you to block out what is happening in the world outside you, this is when you are capable of creating your new reality regardless of your present situation. You have the power to do this, to create and feel and sense.Focus and pay full attention to everything that is around you and never doubt your urge to take action, it is this action that takes you nearer to your wish.Your inner power will guide you.

Autumn 1

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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