The line between when we worry over our health, and being obsessed with it, can be very fine, let’s see if we can manage this obsession a little better. 

When we listen to our own bodies, under normal circumstances it will always guide us well, and this allows us to control small irritations becoming a large full-grown illness. However when we have an obsession we are listening for these signs all the time, and tend to magnify the smallest of symptoms, which will make us ill.


illness 1

A person who suffers from this, known as a hypochondriac can be seen  from childhood, while other children pay no attention to headaches or stomach pains .however the attitude we form to this situation or that of the people around us, will define the reaction which is seen in our personality and everyday life, some people will learn to live with this and others will paralyse at the slightest thing. It is a known fact that in some cases the potential power we give to this, is in our hands, if you ignore a headache it is possible it will get lost during the day ,but if you give it all your attention it will probably become much more intense. 

How to handle the fear factor attached to illness…….

Revitalise – We all feel bad at times

If we learn to accept that our body will feel different at certain times of the day, week or year, we all experiment small alterations headaches,stomach pains etc., Try not to make a big thing out of something that is just a small reaction in your body.

Occupy your time and distract your mind, do not give a small pain a lot of attention, try to continue with what you are doing and think of other things.

illness 2

Learn how to know the difference between an urgent pain and a not so urgent! A strong pain in the arm or chest is an emergency call, it is important to be calm and make good decisions, not from a point of obsession.

Share what goes on in your body and mind, you will find that others also have these small discomforts, if they persist, then you should always visit a doctor.

When you live with this constant fear of being ill, you can create a state of anxiety, this is when it would help to learn or know a good relaxation technique, have confidence within yourself and have good habits that will help with anxiety.

Fear is not the same as illness, having the fear, is not the same as having the illness. Never disregard your pain,but do not always feel you have the ability to diagnose. 

A person who lives with anxiety of fear of becoming ill, will tend to have the following characteristics, they can be Hyper-vigilant, always alert to detect any change in their physical state. Magnify – the slightest pain is suffered for days. Fear – will always presume the worst and will enlarge all symptoms. Obsession – It is not possible to forget the symptom and gives all their attention to it. 

illness 3

Please remember that a Doctor’s opinion should be the one we act upon, not ourselves with auto -medication. We are all different but to live are life, feeling fear of illness is not a good recipe for a healthy happy life. 



Brooke – Universal Coach




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