During the last hours of your day, your heart does not ask for inactivity, but it does enjoy to gently wind down and saves its energy for the morning  activities, do something you enjoy before going to bed, and don’t go to bed very late !

night relaxation 1

If you listen to music after a complicated day or if you are going through a difficult time, play your favourite songs or music, whatever your choice maybe as long as it makes you feel good and not sad, if you sing along also you will reduce your stress, if you are nervous it is best to listen to soft relaxing music, that will reduce your heart pulsations. Classical music  will always help people who suffer from heart problems.

night relaxation 2

If you notice that your heart starts racing and changes its beat, don’t worry if you have been doing exercise or using your strength or have been under a little stress, this does not mean that something is wrong, but it can mean something is wrong if this should happen during the night without reason, how many coffees have you had in the past hours, if we have too much coffee, cola, your heart is complaining ! It is sending you a message, should you smoke it maybe also be telling you that it does not feel good  with the intake of  nicotine. Or it can be a medicine with pseudoephedrine, should you feel these palpitations during the night, visit your doctor. 

night relaxation 3

Did you know…………………………that your heart gets older than  your biological age, the female heart ages less than the male, the female heart can be approx just over 3 years more and the male just over 5.

sleep well 3

If you take care of your heart, your heart will care for you ❤


Brooke universal Life Coach






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