so long summer

The end is in sight, it does go a little longer here in Spain, well depending on the area you are in, but all the children go back to school anytime soon in  September so life starts to take on a different rhythm, and the beach is wonderful at this time of the year, I love it, it is quieter, the heat is not so intense, although still very warm and the water is luke warm and very enjoyable, and this can go through to October. 

As you know Spain is a very large country, but in general the Mediterranean side is almost guaranteed good weather, even the winter is mild, it is very strange for us to experience harsh winters, I will let you know how we go, I think I have seen the snow here two/three times in the last 25 years,and my experience in Mallorca previous to here was very similar, that does not mean we do not feel cold in the winter months, we all still light the chimney or switch on the central heating, but there are parts of Spain that have a heavy snow fall all through the winter and it can also be very cold, beautiful but cold.

We are very fortunate to have a little of everything, from glorious beaches and water sports to beautiful ski slopes and snow activities.

I do feel very privileged to live in such a beautiful country, one of the things I give a thank you to on a daily basis.

Brooke Universal Coach

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