Have you ever had that feeling of “I know I should not be doing this, but you do ” you let a situation spiral out of time and space, yet you know from day one that you are being used, to someone’s ultimate gain, when you have a good heart and way of being, life can be difficult when you really want to help another person, but we have to realise that this wonderful world where we live can be made up of all kinds of different people,cruel kind givers takers………….

It is impossible not to cross these kind of people from time to time,but maybe the secret is to be fully aware at all times, as much as you would like to be dragged into their story, never forget you have one of your own, that could in fact be much worse, but the fact that you are fighting and using all the resources available to you, does not make you blind or insensitive to the methods used by others, if you are looking at a mirror image and can see their fight in advancing to where they wish to be, go ahead and help, but do not be taken in by false behaviour or what they want you to believe. You are worth so much more, always know your worth, even if it is to yourself, when we know our own self worth we are indicating to others, on how far they can go, and if they don’t see the writing on the wall, then they have a problem, not you, never feel guilty about how much you can help and can’t, certain situations cannot be resolved, regardless to your efforts, some people are professional takers and will do so all there life, they do not have your strength or attitude to life, but, don’t become confused with this, they will always be this way, because that is what they want, this is their way of life……… it is not because no one has wanted to show them how to step forward …..it is easier for them to be how they are……..

Today, is about thinking who you are and knowing your worth against any kind of odds and situations….

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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