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As many of you will know a short time ago, I had a big shock in my life and had to have open heart surgery, I had no warning, I had not been ill, but my mitral valve had exploded and my life was in danger !! What I didn’t realise is how much……… However I have a happy ending to my story, and I give thanks every day for that, 

I know I have changed since this experience, in many ways, and I am sure I am doing the correct things for me and the people around me. My attitude to life is totally different from how I saw it before, I do not let people or situations get at me anymore, I have a different view, I am important and I know that I am, I don’t just think it from time to time, which is probably how I did before and many of you do, we do not realise the role we play here and to who, and most of all to ourselves.

We should realise that our happiness, is down to us, if we wait for others to make us happy or feel good, we could be waiting for a long time or maybe all your life, so what life was that, waiting for things to happen, a lot of these things we can arrange for ourselves. I don’t wait for anything anymore, I love flowers, and I have been very fortunate in the past to have flowers bought for me, which I loved, however, now if I want that feeling I go and buy them,or take them from my garden  the pleasure is the same, when I see them displayed my pleasure is the same, I am happy, and I can do this with many things, the same applies with things I enjoy to do, some may say it is better in company, I have to say, better I don’t know, a pleasant experience yes,the point is, don’t let it stop you doing things, travelling or whatever you want to do, however if you don’t get along with yourself very well, how are you going to get along with others ? 

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This is a great saying and so true, at the end of the day who knows or should know you better than yourself, when you know yourself so well you have an advantage over others to get along with people in general, it is important that we know our good and bad points, and also that of others, take your time to know others, the same as you would like them to know you !Not everything in life is related to money, in what you can have or do, your interior happiness does not have a price, and a very good saying comes to mind, “Fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat” how true is that ? 

We generally build our life on situations and people who form part of our lives however when we have a scare of losing that life, our life we really do start to see things different and how important every second is, “here today gone tomorrow” I really did get close…..and what I am trying to say to you all, is, don’t wait for an experience like mine, to change your life and the way you see things, change now and really enjoy the life you have in front of you, you can take nothing material with you, and the love you have now is in the now, live in the now, you have no idea how important and a difference it can make to you and your loved ones. When we own an experience like this we do become stronger in many ways, we obtain an inner strength to see, what we really should be seeing and feeling. 

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I wish you all a beautiful life, never leave anything for tomorrow, if you can do or say it today ❤

Brooke Universal Coach

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9 Comments on “THE WONDER & BEAUTY OF LIFE………..

  1. Beautifully said Brooke! I’m so happy that all is well with you, as a matter of fact better than ever! You share very wise words, ideas and thoughts. Thanks for the reminders. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind comments, I really do feel good and I do see and appreciate things in a totally different way, its amazing how something so negative at the time has brought so much more positivity into my life, wishing you also a great weekend ❤

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      • I guess it’s the perfect example of, you need the negative to appreciate the positive. Thanks so much. xo 🙂

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