Understanding……..a straight forward word, that is all to often misunderstood, what could be the reason for this ? Is it so difficult at times to put ourselves in the position of others, especially when this other could be someone we feel deeply for…..or are we just so full of ourselves and our only  concern is  that nothing else matters, this is very easy to do, but very unfair and not understanding at all.

complete soul 2

We are all caught up in our day to day living, that many times we forget the feelings of others around us, we do not appreciate at times the input that a person puts into our lifes or helps us to make our day to day easier. Do you ever stop to think maybe how difficult our day to day procedures would be without that listening ear or helping hand, sadly in many cases this is exactly the case, it is taken for granted that others have obligations to us, and this is not the case, nobody is obligated to nothing or to no one, obligation is a word taken far to lightly, obligation in many cases could be changed for another word, and are reaction to it could also be changed if we considered others at times, instead of just ourselves, you know the world does just not spin around us as a single person, it spins around all of us, are some of us born with more consideration than others ? or is it something we learn and impliment as we grow, in our own course of life? maybe a bit of both, but we can become very blind by our own needs and never see the other side, they say, do unto others as you would do to yourself, so maybe that’s the question we should ask ourselves from time to time, would we like this situation in our life, or would we wish to be treated in this way, maybe we should view how we see the people who are in our direct day to day,and the part they play in it, is it valuable to you,? do you show this ? and if so how and when ? At times we need to question ourselves and not always others. To understand others is not difficult and does not consume our precious time, we just need a little bit of conscious……… and use it for the best of everyone.

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When we think of understanding or appreciation, we should not be thinking of thank you thank you thank you all day long, this is not what most people are looking for, people in general just like to know that they are understood, what ever there view point is, this does not mean you have to think the same, it is a question of accepting the opinion of others and respecting it for just that, you have understand, maybe not in agreement, but the basic understanding is there. For this to happen, we also at times, need to converse with these people, sweeping things under the carpet everyday is not the answer, this will only create more misunderstanding, we all need to confront the issue at hand, if things are going to envolve in a forward manner, going backwards or being stagnant will not bring us to a point of understanding. It will certainly in time, make things much worse. If it is an effort to understand others, now is the time to change that, understanding is a very important part of a human relationship and should be given it’s place of importance, it also costs nothing……………………

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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