Have you ever had that feeling that apart from fighting with the whole world, you are also fighting yourself, you compete permanently with yourself, your style, you have difficulty choosing your own style or that of others, breaking out wanting to be you, but then falling back into everyone elses trend !! do you ever create a new tendency in your artistic world, do you stick to it, are you brave enough ?  Do you really go all out as YOU…… what you maybe never realise is, that what you allow to go on in your life, is what you are allowing others to do and to treat you, that is what you allow to continue, and you do all that, alone…….Life at times is not only finding yourself it is also about creating yourself, to be the person you want to be, the you , you really want people to know,not what you think people or other people think you should be, there is a big difference. 

you against you 1


As we go through life, finding and creating who we truly are, we will at times fail, what does that word really mean to you, to me it means, wow great I have learned something else in the best way possible, failure is not a bad word, it is part of creating a great life…..a lot of unfair situations appear during our life time, it can be who we are allowed to love or not, even when it is the love of our life, it can be family situation, which come around usually with third parties always in the middle and a big amount of total misunderstanding on all parts, never despair with this and never give up, remember that we are never given more that we can handle, so try, very hard, as to why this situation has come about, have we learnt something, have we really seen what there is and not what we wanted to see, is someone being seen for who they really are, do something about your life now……….don’t fight against yourself and dont always blame yourself,   by feeling bad rather  than blaming maybe the real culprit, do not be a volunteer victim !! we all play this role to an Oscar level……… you need to get up, dust yourself down and take  your power back, this is very important, you are the most important person and need to feel good about the situation as much as possible and about yourself, again, dont fight against yourself….why, what do you achieve ? 

you against you 2

When you take your power back, you are releasing yourself from being a hostage from your past, so which do you prefer to be , the new empowered you or the hostage of days gone by ? You stay in this position simply by reliving our past, time after time, release it…………let it go ! reliving our mistakes is not going to make it better……….move on.  If you start to prepare yourself for this move, this moving forward in life, you will be able to grasp opportunity when it passes you by, your better prepared experience will be ready when it appears. Never let fear hold you back, again never let it be the main player in you against you, never let your fear of the challenge you have in front of you be the reason, no matter how overwhelming it may be, this is like the gym, the more you move forward the more strength you acquire , this is creating and will strengthen your emotional muscles in new exciting ways. 

you against you 3

Have you ever thought why you feel so down and tired, this is mainly due to your limiting beliefs, so we can improve this situation ourselves, with self-discipline, when you refuse to let go of a situation and you continue the battle you on you, your limited beliefs just drain you right out………..be yourself and quit trying to be everyone else.

Being a woman should be your supreme achievement and not your deepest fear……..celebrate womanhood, fuel yourself with self-confidence and face life head on, let go of the past, stop fighting against yourself , you are unique, beautiful in many ways and more than capable in taking back and retaining your power. 


you against you 4


Brooke Universal Life Coach 



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