Do you feel close to your personal goal or do you feel that you are drifting away and can’t just reach where you want to be, this is probaly down to you, not intentionally, but if you could cover a few bases first, being very honest with yourself may well indicate where and what is going wrong, and whether you need a little help getting to where we want to go,having the ability of seeing yourself as you truly are will greatly help you here,the dream or goal that you have ? Do you really see yourself in the role of the person your dream or goal is about, this is important and takes us back to real basics, visualization is vital, you need to see yourself in the position and life style you are seeking

LLL luxury dreams

Do you see yourself as this, when you have the ability and success in doing this you will be able to obtain a deep connection with your goal,this as in visualization is an internal issue and you need to look within,your power within becomes stronger this way and your strength to continue will have a boost,dreams and goals can become like New Year resolutions they are great for the first few weeks then they start to fade until the folowing year,your life long dream/goal should mean more to you than that, if this is not the case,you will not succeed,your mind set has to be 100%, you will have many doubts on your journey to success,you may think that things will change,of course they will you will probably acquire more skills,which will only lead to personal growth,so these changes are positive in your life and can only improve things for you, you may also think it is going to take time away from you and that you can lose things on the way,this does not always refer to money, it may cost you hobby time maybe even family time,but you have to see the bigger picture and how much you can recuperate when you reach your success point,maybe you just lose your tv time……..

Luxury day

Maybe you don’t have the patience to get to your goal line, you can overcome this by taking tiny steps,that way you see the result at each step, when we finish a relationship, we should not be thinking”I am going to be alone for such a long time before I have another relationship” that may not be the case,you may have various dates that in a way help you to choose correctly your next relationship,you are not going to be sad until that happens,it is the same in business,the time factor should not be your excuse.You may also feel you do not have the support system behind you that you should have, your friends,family or partner may think you are crazy and the encouragement is not the same,again take tiny steps and their faith in you will come, social support is important and will keep you motivated,take it slowly and let them see you power and commitment,you have to remember that you are always in control, the excuse of it not being in my hands is not part of your dream or goal, it is yours and you are in total control.No excuse is viable here,take away unwanted distractions,time,money,your resources will come to you by taking the smaller steps,Rome was not built in a day, as they say………….take your dream/goal and stick with it, it belongs to you and is in your care to see it through till the end.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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