sorry for yourself 1

Do you feel sorry for yourself ? and if the answer is yes, do you know Why ? or has it gone on for so long, you don’t remember why, whatever the reason deep down and a long time ago, you made that decision. I know you don’t think I am right, you are maybe remembering the why, which is fine, but the answer is still the same. Whatever that reason is and even if you blame a third-party, which also can be true, with intent or not, it belongs in the past, and you are now in the present, the NOW of your life, you maybe did not have control over what happened, as there are many reasons that could be in the why, but whatever that reason, you do have control of your now, your future, and you need to take back your control, and only you can do that.

sorry for yourself  2

If you feel sorry for yourself, you will be thinking that maybe what I am writing today is no good to you, or that it is easier said than done, and that I will agree with you, it is hard, but only you can do it, nobody can do this for you, it is the same work and energy to stay sorry and sad as it is to go forward and be happy, instead of spending hours re-living a situation or feeling sorry for yourself, spend that same time on seeing who you could be, who you really are, don’t focus on the wrong’s in your life, focus on the rights, you breath, you walk, you talk, you hear etc., the list really is never-ending, you just need to focus, write it down if you like, you will be amazed how long that list can be, then start to think of why you should do it, do you have children, do you have parents, family a loved one even a pet you love more than anything in this world, these are all good motivators to get you to take this first step and the most important is YOU, You deserve to be happy, to take your place in the world again………everything in your life is a reflection of the choices you have made, I know the circumstances were different then, and they are NOW, if you want a different result, then make a different choice…… 

sorry for yourself 3

A choice to be happy, as the great man himself said, there is nothing wrong with going down, its staying down that’s wrong !! When you are down, you cannot go any further, so its time to take that first step, one step at a time, one step a day, for you and those that you love, they want to see you happy and back into this great world we are all sharing its now your turn to take your share, and place. You will feel better, when you control your life, when you make the right choice your whole world will be a different place, don’t let fear hold you back, think of your experience as a learning curve, you will have learnt from this, although it may be difficult to see right now, but every experience brings us knowledge. Get to know the new you, and live, that is what life is for, for all of us.

sorry for yourself 4

This is  your day……………………….go for it, the choice is yours, you can do this and much more. 


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