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An affirmation is a statement , it is not a normal prayer where you ask for something, the statement you are making should come from a place of that  you  already have your desired object, whether it is a new job, car, relationship even a new bank balance, you should be saying,”I now have xxx Euros/dollars in my bank account, I am enjoying my life, I am happy and love the people I have around me ” (For example)

So, how does it work, because it does… yes it really does, you feel much more gratitude, who wants to ask the Bank Manager for a healthy bank account, most of us would avoid this situation !! and in normal prayer, maybe you would feel uncomfortable and ungrateful, but why should you give up on a thing you really wish for in your life, the universe does not judge, the higher power is another natural law in the universe. 

You hold this inner power within yourself,it is stated in the Bible ask and you will receive, if we think of the Lords prayer, it is an affirmation in its self, it starts “Give us this day.”it does not say ” could I please have ” when you beg, you don’t get ! When you tap into your own source of inner power, you are able to fulfil your own needs, do you believe in your own power to do this ?  You have to believe that you with your inner power and inner mind are up to the job of connecting with the universal power that is there for you, it will never work against you, you must have faith trust and belief in your universal partner. This is your secret to setting your intention, you are ready and you need to let your inner mind know that fact, and tap into that power today. 

You can have anything you wish for in your life, you need to align with the universe through your belief, trust and faith, do what it takes, make your connection and state your affirmation , you will feel your connection with the universe, it is not something you can touch but your senses will feel, you will feel different knowing that you have connected and on your way to the life you really want.


Tomorrow:- Getting into the right mind-set………………………..


Brooke Universal Life Coach



  1. Toujours des explications simples et claires et de très bons conseils ! Ton blog est vraiment excellent !


  2. Me gusta mucho como escribe, siempre explicaciónes sencillas, muy claro con benos consejos ; soy super fan ☺


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