We all wish to live our dream,because we all have a dream, the bigger the better,but are you really ready to live your dream starting now, there are numerous ways to manifest your dreams and to obtain your desires. One of the most powerful ways is through meditation,which a lot of us find difficult, this really is at the beginning,when we sit to meditate our mind is everywhere, and this is the difficult part of meditation, once we learn how to calm our minds, the next steps become easier,a great way to obtain the optimum state for meditation is listening to our breathing, as we concentrate on our breathing we slowly take our concentration to only the breathing and our mind starts to calm, everything else seems to float away and we get to where we need to be to meditate in the correct state of mind,this will take a couple of days,so do not expect results in the first few attempts,however when you overcome this hurdle you will find it easy and relaxing to meditate.All the time and effort you give this wonderful art will be worth while when you start to forfill your dreams.


It is also very important to remember that to be successful and happy does not require hard work,it is a question of your mind set, the more positive energy you give out the more positivity will be returned,to be positive and optimistic you are,the more you will enjoy all the efforts that you have put in to achieve your goals. Realising that your mind is a powerful tool,the more you unleash this,the more amount of unlimited power you have,the more successful and happy you will be.
When you also realise that your thoughts have brought you to where you are today, imagine what your thoughts of tomorrow will do and take you.
The vibration of your energy expands and influences everyone around you, it has a ripple effect and gives similar vibes around you.If you try to look at the positive side of everything,life is too short to hold back against things,if you have an air of positive energy around you,it will affect you and it will positively work for you in your work place, family and the world at large

dreams 3a

. To prove this to yourself think of when you have started your day badly,maybe by having a disagreement with your partner,or your car breaks down or you simply stub your toe before you go to work, this will affect your productivity at work, your bad mood and negative energy that you carry with you, not only affects you but the people around you as well. We are all connected in some way,so the energy you carry will be felt by all,when you are positive and seeking your dream doors will open for you that were previously closed,this could be due to your energy,remember like attracts like, success attracts success,your positive energy attracts positive situations for you. Your dreams start to appear before you,you just have to react,and take the action necessary to achieve your goals. It is your thoughts that will shape your future, know your inner self, identify your needs and then stay intent on manifesting your desires.
Go for your life goal NOW

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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