Candles have been used to relax, for romance for life,for death,even in rituals in temples and even on birthday celebrations,why, because we look to them for a wish,so what strength hides behind the flame of all eternity. Before the light given by a candle people have fell in love,books and poems have been written,it has lit houses and invoked the gods and goddess’s of history. Candles have always been surrounded by the mystic which captures us all, who has not lit candles to create that special atmosphere, it is said that by lighting a candle we illuminate the darkness that surrounds our lives, with the vital energy that comes from the light,we do not need to be experts in mental control meditation or yoga, we just need confidence to love the flame of the candle.

candles 2



Candles transmit energy and help us to concentrate, to light a candle open up our inner light with the light given,that’s the magic of a candle.
It is also a valuable item in the decor of your home, candle light can convert a very normal space in your home into a wonderful space full of warmth and intimacy,perfect for romantic dinners or also not to be alone, candle light can give tremendous company as the flame moves from side to side, or as we relax in a fabulous bath experience.

Perfumed candles are now very popular and can transport us to past experiences that fill us with pleasant memories, our sense of smell is very associated with our emotion’s and can give great interior peace and well being.


candle 3



Candles have been for centuries associated with Magic, to speak to the god’s,to clear your mind and to connect with your spirituality.
In Feng Shui, the candles represents the energy of Yan,which is enthusiasum and life. They symbolise the four elements of nature, the light is fire that clean’s the energy,the wax is the earth which mixed with water,to transform into gas like the air.
The aromatherapy applied in candles influences us in our state of mind and joy, it is hypnotic and tranquill like a fire,which when you mix with a fragrance takes us to another level.
They can be grouped in different colours and sizes, which can be displayed in fire places, little corners,stairs,near mirrors even in your bathroom, acuatic candles floating in a bath tub is always a lovely surprise when having a dinner party, the cold bathroom is instantly warmed to the eye of your guests.

Candles are strength which shine with their own light


candles in heaven

Brooke Universal Life Coach

2 Comments on “THE BEAUTY OF A CANDLE…………………………………………………………………….

  1. I had never really stop to think about how much a candle really does in ones life, but I can definitely relate to everything you mention in the article, and YES I cant wait to get home and light a few candles to relax after a stressful day in the office:)
    Thanks again Utopiauniverse


    • Thank you for your comment, I hope you managed to relax with the help of the candle after a hard day’s work,I’m sure you deserve it .


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