Has your voice ever been shaky before something of great importance to you ? Have you been glued to the spot ? maybe in an interview for a job ? Would it surprise you if I was to tell you that you can transform this into a positive act, if this act of a paralyzing panic into a sure movement into the future. 

fear 1

We all suffer from this type of fear, when, we decide to make an important change in our life or to move forward in any kind of way, brave fear is a strange thing, but we can’t have one without the other. When we make mistakes in our past, remember that this error is an opportunity for the future, we have to transform these errors into stepping-stones towards success. It is always advisable to be informed the information you have the more confident you will feel, it will not take the fear away, remember that in the event of your fear being an interview, the person who is talking to you, is a representative of your future possible employer, therefore the more you know regarding this new company the better. 

fear 2

Remember that you are one of a kind, in every aspect…so you need to think about what is within our power and control and what is not. Don’t lie, but be ready for any opportunity that may appear for you to show your qualities and this is achieved by being an exceptional listener. You may not be the best but you are unique, there is only one of you.

fear 3

Discover what is your added value, the reason you are a person of interest , use that to your benefit gain strength from this in the moment you feel most insecure. 

Transform your errors into stepping-stones, to take you to your success.

If you know who you are going to confront , learn as much as you can about them and the corporation which will help you adapt easier to him/her or them.

Know what is within your reach and  what is out of your control, this will help you invert the energy you really need to obtain the result you desire. 

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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