lt wakes you up, and gets those inner batteries going !! did you also know that it can work as an anti-depressant and even help with a headache…….Forget about all the bad things we have been told regarding ” cafe ” and just enjoy two or three cups of great coffee. 

cafe 1

Natural, torrefacto, decaffeinated, espresso, with milk….the options are uncountable, the same as people who love and enjoy coffee everyday. Coffee is high in stimulants and taken in moderation can benefit your health. The magic word moderation is not over doing more than 300 mg a day , three or four cups maximum…….In larger amounts it can cause tachycardia, insomnia anxiety and digestive problems, so don’t over do it.

What you maybe didn’t know, is that caffeine does not accumulate in your body ,and is eliminated within 3 to 5 hours, It is a light diuretic and a good stimulant for your body fat,It also helps your digestive system as it favours your saliva and gastric juices .

cafe 2

What you do know is, that  a certain controlled amount will keep you wide awake, this is due to coffee affecting the central nervous system which increases our alert system and reduces the feeling of being tired. It also helps with concentration and increases our physical strength. It is effective towards migraine, due to the effect it has on our vascular system of the brain. It also helps to absorb other medication taken. People with high blood pressure should consult their doctor , to see if it is suitable for you to consume coffee as it does cause a slight increase in your blood pressure. 

cafe 3

Now, what may surprise you is the ability it has as an anti-depressant, a recent case study, with 50.000 women showed that when 2 to 3 cups of coffee were  taken a day, there was a 15% reduction in the risk of suffering depression , then women who only drank one cup or less in a week. Another investigation showed that by drinking 3 cups of coffee a day over a prolonged period and after turning 30, it helps to put the brakes on a deterioration of the brain, as it reduces the production of abnormal proteins, beta-amiloides which cause the illness Alzheimer.

cafe 4

Maybe after reading this post, you may feel more happy about enjoying a great cup of coffee, cafe ………………………….enjoy, sit back, feet up and coffee in hand, no better way to relax 

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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