So, what is for you bad taste or bad manners, is it shouting, spitting making fun or criticizing some poor soul, bad taste can be hidden behind many a bad action and can be found in anyplace at anytime,people who are badly educated and have no respect for another when talking to them or in many cases down to them, someone who offers a service to you whether it be directly or by phone deserves the same respect you would like to receive, or maybe when someone criticizes another for what they are doing or their form of expressing themselves, I personally believe that if you have nothing nice to say, it is maybe better that you say nothing ! Another great annoying thing is when you hear comments regarding someone walking down the street, women are not objects and should be treated with the respect they deserve, do women whistle after men, as if calling the dog ?

bad manners 1

Is it so difficult to live and act within the un-written rules of society, to be listened to when you are talking, or to continue doing another job when they are supposing to be dealing with you, or maybe sharing a lunch or dinner break with you and only attend their mobile phone. Bad manners can also be seen when someone enjoys causing a scene in a public place, which includes other people by force, even if it is only having to witness such behaviour.

bad manners 3

To respect the order of a simple line or the rights of other people, their bad day, does not have to be that of others, violence towards others is always bad taste and bad manners. That respect is not shown to older people or anyone for that matter. 

bad manners 4

To have to share a table with people with bad manners can be a very unpleasant experience, basic table manners are very easy to acquire.

bad manners 5

Basic manners are so easy, a simple smile please and thank you, can go a long way, we do not have to be experts just sensible and considerate to others, if we follow the basic rule of treating others as we would like to be treated we generally cannot go wrong.


Brooke Universal Life Coach

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