A bedroom and the beauty of Feng Shui, this is a room special to us all it is where the transition  takes place of our daily life and our place of dreams, which is why it is important we feel totally relaxed within this room. 

The bedroom should be well-organized , ventilated and free of unnecessary items, when the room is found this way, the energy within can flow with no obstacles and harmony is present which enables a good resting place. 

feng shui 101

The colours which we choose are also of great importance, we should be using the wide selection of  beige variations, toasted peach ,white and pastel shades, these colours are also an excellent choice for the bed linen and made of natural fibers.

The lighting is also an important factor, soft lights on bedside tables which will give a relaxing effect, different forms of lighting should be used for distinct activities, reading etc., you should if possible avoid a strong direct light onto the bed. 

feng shui 102

The bed itself should be situated ideally in the center of a wall, and even better if you can see the door from that point, but do not place it directly in front of the door or below a window, if you have a mirror in your  room do not place it where you can see the image of the bed. The head-board should be against the wall and you can place a chest at the bottom of the bed. 

feng shui 103

It is recommended not to have a desk and commuter or working papers in your bedroom,any kind of gym equipment or a television as these can disturb and interrupt your sleep.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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  1. I had my former place Feng Shui for each room. My new condo wasn’t but kept the muted colors and space as free from clutter as possible.


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