images (4) friday

Listen to yourself and believe !!

images (4) Post thursday afternoon

Do you follow your inner intuition ?

images (4) thursday post 2

Remember only 10% of your power comes from your brain, just imagine if you include your feelings ?

Brooke Universal Life Coach


7 Comments on “THOUGHT FOR THURSDAY ……..

  1. Hi Brooke! Great post and love your blog!

    I’ve been nominated for the Brotherhood of the World Award and you are one of my nominees! No pressure to accept obviously, but if you do, check my blog tomorrow for full details 🙂 thanks


  2. Oh I listen to myself all right, I’ve just developed a REALLY bad habit of 2nd guessing myself!! I must start believing!!!


  3. I also believe in my gut feelings. Although sometimes, it is difficult to follow it when other people think otherwise… but this is a great advise. We should learn to listen to our instincts as they’re almost always right. 🙂


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