Unconditional love, is one of the fundamental pillars for happiness in an adult, if children feel loved by their parents totally unconditional, they feel sure in themselves and their emotional life will always be more balanced and be in total equilibrium.


Security and protection, during the wonderful 9 months of pregnancy a baby will feel totally safe and protected, when they are born, it is necessary for them to continue to feel this sensation of protection due to the warmth of the body contact, skin on skin, they will start to become aware of familiar smells which indicates being cared for by family love. 



Understanding and respect, for a child to grow healthy and happy they need to feel respected, empathy understood and never judged by words or actions, they should not be used or blackmailed, be in violent situations to be rewarded or punished.

Full attention, you are your childs biggest motivator, they need nothing else to motivate them, just you, not toys or games etc., the sheer contact with you little games, cuddles words and love, songs and stories give them a strong healthy base .


Follow their rhythm, they are born when they are ready, they eat when they are hungry, they are attended on request, they eat the amount they wish, they leave nappies behind them when they are ready, these are all little decisions they make in a very natural way, they should not be forced or turned away from their biological program. 


They should not be compared, no two children are the same, each one shines in their own light and progress at their own speed, It is very bad to compare and this should never take place, remember your child is unique just like you, unique, wonderful and loved by you.

Confidence in them, if we trust them and the way they approach things when they are small, we are not underestimating their own confidence and they will trust their judgement as they get older, however if we do not take into consideration their emotions they will grow to be adults with little self-worth. 




Brooke Universal Coach



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