With all the flowers, nice warm temperatures, new shades of light, for some it is a season of covering up and taking care ! The pollen is out to get you, and your diet for “operation bikini” is stopping you from enjoying so many spring goodies………. so before you completely ruin this lovely season, take note of the following:-

1.   Do not auto-medicate yourself,…….If you feel a little down, tired maybe more weak than normal, don’t worry too much it is very common in spring time, don’t take vitamins because everyone at work thinks they are great, seek professional advice, vitamins are great at this time of the year, but the right ones.

2.   Make the most of the spring sunshine, after months of the winter light, spring brings us the sun, enjoy it, it makes us feel good on all levels, we can get outside and enjoy the days and light evenings. The spring sunshine is a great form of vitamins ,vitamin D is great for our bones. 

3.   Watch your diet, although many of you will be working towards your summer bikini dream body !! this time of year is when we tend to put more weight on ? strange but true…….we are attracted to sweet sugary foods, if you are on a diet or thinking of starting now, you have to change your attitude, to motivate you, you need to start thinking in a positive way of what you are going to achieve with your diet,and try to forget about the things you can’t eat.

4.   Take Vitamins C & D…these vitamins will strengthen your diet (always under professional advice) look for foods high in these vitamins and magnesium , bananas are great as a snack and also have potassium. Natural fruit juices are wonderful and there is plenty of fruit to choose from, as for meat it is better to stay with chicken and turkey and don’t forget what is known as blue fish and eggs.

5.   Purify the air…..This is an ideal time to place a purifier in your home, in the rooms you spend most of your time in, this also helps with cat and dog hair.


6.   Humidifier …….It is good to help with  humidity in bedrooms during the night, you do not,  need to buy anything for this, a simple glass of water will have the same effect. This is very positive for people who suffer from allergies or breathing infections. It is important for  those who suffer an allergy to air well the bedroom, early morning if possible. 

7.   A simple little tip to help with the diet, is to eat early in the evening, do not leave it till late, to avoid weight gain. Try always to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed. 

8.   Drink sufficient…. Allergy can create a dry throat during this season, also the temperatures go up and we need to drink more, two liters of water would be perfect everyday. 

9.   Sleep longer hours…as we go into spring, we also have an hour change which plays havoc with are bodies for a few days, and we find ourselves more tired at this time of the year, the advice would be to sleep a little more when ever possible. Although the weather is better, the days are longer which invite us to be more active longer, if you can’t sleep earlier, try to have a little siesta, 20 mins is enough, to make you feel better. 

10. Remove the dust…… Try not to brush the dust from one place to another, it is far better to take the electric cleaner and remove the dust that way. Take the carpets away, and clean the bed-linen at 60 degrees and try not to let your pets into your bedroom. 

Brooke -Universal Coaching.

3 Comments on “10 SURVIVAL TIPS FOR SPRING !!

  1. Thanks for all your tips! I love Spring. It’s such a beautiful time of year. Flowers blooming, trees getting their leaves back. And this year, Spring is a lot warmer then I remember it in April. I’m having a ball just enjoying the freshly mowed grass, birds singing, and plenty of sun. I keep looking for lilacs, and am sure to be pleasantly surprised when those in my area first appear. No allergies that I know of. Health OK. Two pets who like coming in the bedroom, but don’t typically stay long. They just want to know my door is always open to them. The fresh air is wonderful. I so grateful to be alive another season.


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