The great majority of emails I recieve are related to people requesting advice covering a vast amount of topics, wanting to know how you should handle things, resolve conflicts, immprove your confidence and more than anything being afraid to reach out and take a risk in your life ? 

Many of us, turn to people close to us or who have a lot of contact with on a daily basis, we look outside ourselves for answers,but what you should know is that you hold the answer inside of yourself……….If you think about it, we are all unique,we all own our  personal stories and history, and we experience our own reality with lifes rights and wrongs, it is not wrong to look to others for help and advice, but this will not give us the 100% answer you are probaly lookinñg for. 

The majority of our personal problems can be resolved within ourselves, to be able to tap into this wonderful gift we all have, you must be totally honest with ourselves,and be prepared to adapt to your maybe new circumstances, a change is needed to able to put this wheel in motion. 

If as children you have been taught to look to others for solutions, it will be more difficult for you to change, but not impossible change is good, change is necessary for all of us at certain times in our lives, and we should never be afraid of change to find our inner wisdom. As adult people the only person with the knowledge of your life,problems and situations are you,the answers that you search can be found when you start answering your own questions.

It is only you that can bring into your life the good things, and don’t forget the bad things also,this all depends on what you are aiming for and knowing what you want, our inner wisdom will tell you what is favourable or not for you and your life.

When you find yourself in a complex situation and really don’t know what to do, you first must reason with yourself,out loud directly to yourself(using a mirror is helpful here) ask yourself direct questions that you want answers to, it’s amazing how answers will flow to you,actually putting these questions into words, creates a very positive effect, and you will find the answers that you are seeking.

The beauty of talking to yourself, is the truth, at times when we talk to friends and those we love,they do soften the blow regarding our  problem and tend to wrap your answer in the colour you are longing to see or that they want you to see, this is done with all the love in the world,but when you are on a one to one with you and your inner wisdom the truth prevails,and the right solution is brought to the surface,this is you in a pure state, you are being honest with yourself.

This does not mean not to talk to someone else, sometimes talking to another person, can help, it always helps to talk, to shed you added cargo,just getting it out in the open is great, but don’t forget that special talk to yourself, just you and your inner wisdom.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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