“All things grow with love, The flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today “

images seeds of love

Today is all about planting seeds of love, how easy is that ! If we think of seeds freshly placed in good soil we know that without water, those seeds will never grow, and as people we are the same within our relationships.

Many people make this mistake, during the early days lots of water is to be had, nobody forgets to water the seeds, but as time goes by the water gets less and the seeds don’t grow at all or the flowers that have grown just get dried out ! Not a pretty sight, and not a good feeling, this is a job badly done. We have failed to blossom, to grow. Falling in love is the easy part, but staying in love is very special,and not everyone can do it. We all grow into the beautiful person that we are supposed to be, but some earlier and some later. And it always takes two, the seed and the water, this is not a job, that one person alone can accomplish, so if your seed or your water give up on you,don’t take this as failure,you just need a better seed or better water,that go together in a better way, if you look around into the world, there are very beautiful flowers to be seen, all started from a seed, that have been watered in the right way and have grown into something truly incredible. 

images Heart tree

When the combination is right, it’s all about growing as a couple, never giving up on each other and learning about each other everyday. There is always something to be learnt, as you grow older together, so should you be aware of every little line that come’s with time as you walk down this lovely lover’s lane of life. Never lose your awareness or interest, feelings of love can be shown in so many ways, love is all about knowledge and understanding.

As we grow you realise that you learn to love so many people in different ways, it’s about cultivating those relationships and finding what will last forever. Our job here is to love other’s without stopping to inquire of their worthiness. 

“Love does not come with a tag of restrictions and limitations, it is an independent feeling which arises from within and is purely unconditional and boundless”

Love never happen’s right away, it is something that is in continual growth, it’s a process and this develop’s after you have had times of suffering, ups and downs tears and lots of laughter together.

images saying with heart

Remember, plant seeds always, but never forget to water……………………


Brooke Universal Life Coach 





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