Always think before you act, as you can see, some things are impossible to rectify!!

Universal Life Coach


3 Comments on “5 THINGS TO REMEMBER ……………………………………………………..

  1. That’s so true….. I said some things to the love of my life, reading all I said to her again I’m thinking i should have just kept them to myself although I wanted her to know how I was feeling, I can’t take them back now. Only the universe knows how she must be feeling right now…. I’m just sorry I hurt her

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    • Only things said in haste or through bad feeling, are the things we would like to take back, anything said from the heart is always well received and appreciated, never regret anything you say, if you really wanted her to know how you were feeling,it will mean the same to her as your feelings when you said them, provided they were said from the heart………


      • Sincerely I was expecting a conversation after telling her how I felt but instead I got a quiet reply… Anytime she’s quiet like that I know I’m dead lol…. Jokes apart her silence terrifies me….. I just want to be able to tell her how I feel and know how she feels because I love this woman like crazy, I’d die for her….. I know words said can’t be taken back and I accept the responsibility for what I said and I’m sorry

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