When there are continual arguments within a home, it will affect the harmony within the household and can bring about insupportable situations,even though there maybe family members who are perfectly level-headed and sensitive to most situations, holding a general respect for younger and older members,but when you find a strong impulsive dominant person the situation can be strained. I would suggest that when dealing with these kind of people is to take on an intelligent attitude and to become an expert in managing this situation , this way peace will return to the family unit much quicker, than fighting every inch of the way, this only prolongs  the moment in time the situation and  is better to defuse in a short period of time. Don’t feel you are always giving in to the dominant one. 

conflict 1

It is far better to defuse, as a lack of harmony can provoke a bad state of health, and the dominant party will also start to place the blame on the other party for them feeling ill and not being able to cope, this is turn can then start that both parties start to suffer from depression, and they will start to feel very trapped within this situation with no way out. Remember that when you reach maturity with emotions, you will be able to avoid and to fall into the trap of this behaviour and you will be able to react and not be so impulsive in your reaction. 

The key is within the serenity, if before a violent attitude and the wish to always be right, you will only see that both parties are reacting on the same level…If we are capable of marking a distance and not reacting in the same way, we are showing emotional maturity and will probably shock the other person, when they do not receive the reaction they maybe wished for. 

Conflict 2

A famous French  Author VICTOR HUGO, said ” Who always insults me, will never offend me “

Four essential ways necessary to find a solution:-

Always remain calm, and avoid criticism , although the other party may insult you, shout or threaten you, you must remain calm for the situation to calm down

Move away from the conflicting situation, let the other person rant and rage, let them let the anger out, without confronting them…. when the other person realises that you are not going to argue and get into a conflict situation the other person will calm down.

conflict 3

Listen and do not judge, When the other person is within their aggressive attitude, watch and listen with interest without showing a reaction, show a little compassion and the other person will realise that they have lost control.

Reach an agreement, when they have finished their verbal attack, they will eventually feel more calm…….you can then discuss the problems on a more relaxed level, without raising any voices…. you can express how you would like things to be done and discuss the differences in the correct manner. 

Conflict 4

Brooke Universal Life Coach 


5 Comments on “CONFLICT…………………………………

  1. I think everyone can relate to this on some level. But what if the situation never opens up to the possibility of calm discussion? The frustrating moments pass but the situation is as it is because communication isn’t really possible


    • I understand where you are coming from, but on the odd time I have experienced this, I work on ” you are right, and I have my peace !” it works for me, but I do understand your point.


  2. I think everyone has different ways of dealing with disagreements…. Some prefer to just let it all out, some prefer to just remain silent…… In cases when it involves two persons, let’s say lovers, I personally think they should both let it out, say how they both feel, I think that helps both parties to know and understand their partner more… I think it’s better than when just one of both parties is letting it out and the other is just silent, I think it’s dangerous because you never know what the other person is think, he/she could be thinking of killing you lol… You’ll never know😃….. My question is , when it’s like that, how would they go about it? How would they sort it out when one is saying how he/she feels and the other is quiet?

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    • Yes, you are right, everyone reacts in different ways, mainly because not everyone can express themselves as they wish, or find it difficult to handle pain and come out smiling, we all at times hide behind something or someone and maybe some behind silence, it is said that silence is golden…but I understand that without a crystal ball at times it is difficult for the other person to understand what is what, however, in these times I think it is necessary to try to understand the other person and the difficulties they may be facing, I realize it is easy to jump to conclusions and wrong understandings but everyone has their way………………….Both parties need to accept the situation and maybe decide to ride the storm or not, that is always the free choice of each individual , time will prevail


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