farewell May 2
farewell May 1

Wow, where did that go !! Five months of our big year has flown by, what have we learned, what have we progressed, and most importantly are we happy, above all else, we deserve to be happy with ourselves and what is going on in our life right now…….if you have only made tiny steps towards your goal, that’s fine, you are in movement, you are not stuck back there in January some where, as we pass each day and learn something big or small we are in a state of progression, moving toward our dreams and goals, some take longer than others, but never forget, that the Law of Attraction is with you at all times, it works and moves in mysterious ways, it will bring to you what you most focus on, so don’t let that be what you don’t want in your life, keep positive no matter what and focus on what you truly want in your life, bring it into your reality with the power of your thoughts, create your personal reality we still have a lot of the year to go, and who said you had to complete your goals in the time limit of a year, if you are happy with the direction your life is taking, just keep going at your own comfortable pace, nothing is impossible and that includes you and your dreams…Welcome June with open arms,be patience, wait for your moment, opportunities are all around us and the universe will create the situation and moments we need, you just have to act when the moment appears, be aware of what is around you and take every opportunity you can, they will be there for you

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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