Just get out of my way, go, don’t look back, never show your face around here again……I said get out of my way, your voice goes on and on ! Can you ever imagine talking to yourself in this way, well if you feel blocked, that you have procrastinated long enough, maybe you should. If you tend to blame others for your situation, the financial aspect, your own qualifications for what you want to do, whatever excuse you put forward, let me tell you, you are wrong, yes sorry about that, but if you stay with me a second, I will explain, as we are all guilty of the above, not just you. When we make these excuses we are really hiding behind our own fear, fear can be a strange thing and comes in many sizes, it does not have to be shaky hands and a cold sweat, we can fear our own abilities to become who we want to be,or how we want to be  well, again, not quite true, it’s that little voice inside that jumps in telling us we can’t, oh yes we can………….but we have to have faith.


When we have faith in ourselves and the powers to be, be it for you the Universe, God, or the name you choose, we can do it, let go of that little voice called fear and send it packing, this is your life and it does not have a right to direct your life, that is your job, so don’t you think its time you take responsibility for it, whatever you may want to do, most skills, information and what you need to learn is available on the internet, that for a while takes care of the financial aspect, you can learn so much at no cost, (Unless of course, you want to be a brain surgeon!!) we would need to think about that in a different post ! we all have a skill to offer to others, and a passion we would all like to follow, what always holds you back is yourself, I am not suggesting anybody be reckless here, everyone wants a pay check, but you can combine a job and starting what you really want, if you REALLY want it. You are much stronger than fear, and until you can look it in the eye and identify it is there, you will not move forward, have faith, is there really anyone you can trust as much as yourself, you owe this to yourself, you are worthy of this and when you partner with God, The Universe with your person, you know they will never let you down, ever, but  you must have that faith in yourself and your powerful partner. I know of people with highly successful businesses and successes themselves that never studied what they are doing now in their school years, we all have it in us, face the fear, face yourself and move on, but don’t be the one that stops you ! get-out-of-the-way-1

So, think about this, and when you realise that you are stopping yourself, get out of the way………….move forward, see it, feel it, do it! Start now towards what you want, your faith, your powerful partner will help you all the way, the openings will come, the opportunity will present itself, and as you know, when you close that door on the old you with fear, a new enormous door will open with fearless written all over it. 

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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  1. Well written💯 Shared some new blogs on numerous topics I thought about during this lockdown, would be glad if you check them out and share your feedback ✨


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