Do you really have the right mindset, or do you only think you might have or you know you do not have the mindset at all !!!!! Don’t despair, we all go through this phase until we truly believe that what you think about, you bring about, this is way your mindset is so important, we read the books, we start to get into the swing of things, then, something happens and we spin out of control……it does not have to be your world falling apart it can at times be a small little hump in the road, but it is enough for that damaging thinking to flood back into our life, it can be as simple as someone getting a parking space before you,so why do we give this silly incident so much power?

It’s mainly because we never treat the source, if we hold at the back of our minds that little doubt, you tell yourself your positive, so positive,but you hold a tiny thought of the unexpected,just waiting for it to raise it’s head….y wow there it is remember WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT,COMES ABOUT….you have to take total control of your own power, you are so powerfull,and it’s all down to you, so how do we get tapped in to our great POWER,where it is natural and not forced thinking,you have to focus on your thoughts,the negativity grows from our damaging thoughts,you see are whole body including the mouth just follow’s the brain, wherever it may go !!! We can control our thoughts, no matter what you may think at the moment,you have to start replacing these damaging thoughts with good thoughts, the second they cross your brain,purposefully replace them, at first you have to work at it, but like everything else after a time, it becomes a habit, and you will do it naturally, the whole process is reversed,everything we do is a question of habit, that’s how the damaging thoughts got there in the first place, we let them take our power, OUR POWER, would you normally give something so personal and important up, to a totally negative thought that is going to give a negative effect in your life, you see you have to realise here that this is all about you, if you eat something that did not agree with you, would you eat it again? I hope your answer was NO, well you have to see this in the same way, we don’t go to places we don’t like, we don’t socialise with people we don’t get along with…and all these decisions we make ourselves through our brain, this is exactly the same, and the outcome of chatting with these thoughts is far greater,than eating or talking to someone we don’t want to, so if we keep that in mind, to change the habit can be easier than we think,you just have to get the right mindset, you would not do anything that you did not like or could actually harm you emotionally or other wise….would you ?

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AND…it is most important to mix with people who are positive, negative people will make it very hard for you to change your mindset, all they want to do is talk negative,that’s there life and there choice, NOT YOURS..and they probaly will not want to be around you if you don’t share there pure negativity, you know what they say,Birds of a feather do stick together….so start to make a list of all the things you want to change in your life,along with your damaging thoughts, and start your new train of thought,kick the old habit and get into the new one…remember WHAT YOU THINK,YOU BRING ABOUT…..Happy mindset,happy person,happy life.

Brooke, Universal Life Coach



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