To live with fear is one of the worst things we can do, I am not talking about being left in the dark, I am talking about permanant fear,everyday because of what we are thinking,fear is one of the strongest emotions we have and at times do not realise how present it is in our lives, it can hide it’s self behind stress, anxiety illness mood swings depression and much more, when we worry about a problem we may have, instead of concentrating on resolving the problem, we let it slide into fear,this can also be seen due to our beliefs,when people suffer from jealousy possession or negativity they will experience fear, always waiting for the inevitable to strike,what they don’t see is that they are probaly calling it to them due to there thoughts,just waiting for things to go wrong,

They do not see fear as fear, until it is pointed out to them, fear disguises it self really well,fear will literally suck you down into the depths,when we associate fear with a fright are body re-acts in a certain way,but when we live our life under constant fear it is very different, as in the case of jealousy, this destroys your life and of the people around you,you are constantly watching listening,your whole life is lived in total tension and those around you again also suffer, when we worry about our children the situation is the same, every time they are out,when they drive, when they travel etc., we can not put them into a safety bubble,as much as we would like to. We need to allow and accept, we do not need to approve, but it is important for you to allow the situation or accept it, when we do this we release the tension and are more capable of finding the right solution, fear will take over your mind and your body. What if you did’nt have to be AFRAID any more

What would it feel like to have absolute control, if you incorporate acceptance and release you are in control, it is your thoughts that create the fear,you let the fear cripple your mind,it’s locks everything down and stops you from moving forward you become stagnant in your own fear,if it is necessary talk to your fear, and let it know, that you have heard the message you accept it for what it is and that you release it, free your mind for better things, you are always in control of this.fear takes it’s place when you feel that you are not in control. To achieve this you need to do two things, develop uncommon thinking and develop good mind habits,the quicker you apply this the better you will feel,put a stop to running around in circles,trapped forever within your fear. Don’t sabotage yourself anymore with depression or anxiety,recognize that you have control of your mind, that you accept and live in the present now, accept and release those inner feelings of personal traumas and insecurity,step out of your comfort zone,stress in any form steals your energy, take your life out of the fear zone and live.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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