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Are you preparing for your summer holiday, if so, don’t let it turn into a stress trigger, here are a few tips to try to avoid that situation.

Keep things low-key, don’t attempt to do in two or three weeks what you would do in a year, try to keep your planned excursions/sight-seeing to two or three planned trips, this way you will not over stress yourself. Sight seeing planned every day or every other day is very stressing and you will need a holiday after this to recuperate.

Try to relax for a day or two before you depart for your holidays, this gives you a little time to wind down and start your holiday in a more relaxed state.

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Learn to enjoy your family, make time for all, have a few hours to talk to the family, take a play time with the children and have a time to be with friends. Don’t be a tourist 24 hrs a day. You have to understand that in two or three weeks you can not discover and see everything.

Organise daily chores, stress tends to affect more women on holiday, as your functions are still important. Its better to organise how things and by who the daily chores are to be done. 

Try to have a day at home before you go back to work or your usual routine, this helps you with the transition of your beach loungers  to getting  into your work chair.

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