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Are you bored with feeling tired ? there are a few little secrets that help us store some energy away…………………

I have noticed through my clients recently that they use the word exhausted much more than tired, they truly feel exhausted,so I thought I had better try to find out why this is ? I have reached out to a few of my friends within the profession  of nutrition etc., to see which pattern is being followed here, from the moment we are born we give and take energy, obviously we take away more that we replace ! the price we pay for this is with our health…. tiredness can have many reasons and more than one can be medical, if you have tiredness symptoms and it lasts for more than a 3 month period, you really should seek medical advise. 

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One of the main reasons is we are not eating what we should, are you really eating enough real food, everything is so easy, micro wave, canned everything we need for a quick easy life, a lot of young people do not know how to cook, because the meal is ready wrapped and just needs a quick visit to the micro wave, this is great…………occessionally if necessary, but it is not a healthy habit to have !! When you eat this way, you are missing out on vitamines, minerals, antioxidants and other great compounds that you find in real food. The processed and junk foods just don’t have enough, you will not be able to fill yourself with energy this way, you need real whole food. So what are you going to do about it ? If you can start to eat three meals a day and two snacks you are actually eating 35 times a week, if seven of those 35 are real foods, if you add slowly to this you will very quickly achieve an intake of possible 15 out of your 35, and will be doubling your right intake of goodness. There are two important things to remember that is to make sure your body receives enough vitamin B and co-enzymes Q10 these are key for energy. 

Another little tip, is to stop all this delivery to your door, there is a very good reason for you to go to the local store and to buy your food, one and important is you can see what you buy, but most importantly you need to take that time to stretch your muscles and walk a little, you bend and lift, you maybe thinking it is your time that you need for other things, but, think about this ! If you do not look after your body and do have medical problems due to this, think how much of your precious time, you will need to give up ? Its worth thinking about right ……………………..Remember that your body will only carry so much weight comfortable and to do no harm, so don’t go lifting crates etc., everything needs to be done in a sensible manner, Yoga and Pilates are excellent exercises for strengthening our muscles. Gardening and walking are also an excellent way to look after our bodies.

Have you ever given thought how breathing can affect our energy levels, it is said “The way we breathe has a big impact on our biochemistry in particular on our ability to use body fat as fuel” As we now have such busy lives, we tend to be in flight or fight mode 24/7 before this permanent hustle in our live, we would only have the odd rush of adrenaline ! we suffer far more due to the caffeine intake we have, and living under pressure, our stress levels are far higher. We now live on a hamster wheel, we get up take in coffee, we slump in the afternoon,we take coffee,we return from work, we take a coffee !!! are you surprised we are permanently living in stress, we need to be able to use our fuel, our fat that is stored, this can be done by relaxing and breathing , long and slowly, instead of our short breathing, learn how to deep breath, when you inhale through the nose, feel your tummy expand, gently pause then slowly exhale again through the nose. You can do this as you work, try to take in 20 long breaths every hour if possible, if not at least when you wake in the morning and the last thing before we go to sleep, find your time, whenever even if it’s while your waiting for the kettle to boil. 

As I have mentioned many times, sleep is one of the most important things we need to do, as an adult you need between 7 and 9 hours a night.

Always be thankful, we spend most of our day, chasing our goals and obligations in life, which of course can be really exhausting, but never forget to “smell the roses” as they say, notice everything around you that you have reason to be grateful for, let yourself enjoy what you have, enjoy each and every moment, this is what joy is all about and joy will always give you a depth of energy. 

It is also your responsibility to monitor your own stress levels, as this can be a big energy eater ! You need to think what creates your stress and slowly take control of each situation, when you feel stressed, you need to ask yourself what you are afraid of ? when you solve this you can start to relax. 

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Brooke Universal Life Coach


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