Maybe we do not realise how essential breathing is to us, until we have a difficulty doing so, breathing is a function that we do whether we are conscious of it or not. When we are aware of the way in which we breathe, it is when we can make the most of that breath, this breath allows oxygen to nourish the muscles that we use and to release a combination of chemicals, that we do not need but is stored in the muscle. These chemicals are related to pain and fatigue, and they are substances that we are desperately trying to rid ourselves of. To be able to fulfil this we need to take in an ample supply of oxygen , but also that we exhale correctly at all times, fully using the lungs. 

breathe 2

As we do different things and exercises we need to do and know different ways of breathing, if we were to sing at the Opera we would need to get right under the diaphragm, puffing the stomach outwards. A musician on the other hand playing a brass instrument  would breathe into the stomach  and fill the entire chest area, then the throat with air. To be able to do this, you will have to retrain your form of breathing, for sure, when we inhale we tend to exhale the top part of our chest, and we believe that this is a deep breath, but in effect it is a shallow breath. you can see this more clearly with someone who suffers from asma , there breathing becomes very difficult and air is gasped into the upper part of the lungs, in an act of something that looks more like swallowing than breathing., they should learn to breath into the back where we can expand the area of the small ribs.

The oxygen intake allows nourishment to travel to the muscles being worked, as we fully exhale, it allows all of the unused gases and chemicals that we don’t need a way to escape. When we release these elements from our body we become more clear-headed, we have more energy, we also release lactic acids within the part of the muscle where we feel pain and soreness, and the most important part is we become more relaxed. 

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Happy Breathing ❤

Brooke Universal Coach

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