Cronic fatigue or fibromialgia are two of the most least know about illness of our times, there is now a new method which is holding out a lot of hope, if you have muscular pain tiredness, headaches,sleeping problems or lack of concentration, you could be suffering from these strange illness, which seem to affect more women than men. It is also known as the invisible illness, due to the social incomprehension it has on the affected, it creates great problems, with a big impact on your health and the quality of your life. Knowing exactly what causes this and finding a cure, is something that still escapes the medical profession, however it is known that psychological help,a good diet and the suitable exercise for your case, can help but is not magic wand.

It has been proven that today’s living is very different than that of generations gone by and is a big factor in this illness, it has been discovered that when there is no equilibrium between the pressure of your surroundings and your own needs, today you are expected to perform with excellence at work, family, your partner friends, modern life is full of demands and your mind is never at rest. If we are not careful we can end up holding all this inside,which is not good for your body and overloads your mind as well , this is turn make the suprarenal glands to work over time and this will then produce great amounts of cortisol or adrenaline…….this then will effect your immune system,skin,muscles,heart,intestines cause inflamations glands and throat temperature stomach pains sickness and many more that brings you to tiredness or fibramialgia, It is most important that you find a space in the mind to be conscious of the body,with your emotions intuition and feelings to find a language that enables you to express yourself. If not you will find that mind and body are not as one, the balance is very important.

The following may be of help to you if you find you are suffering in some way
Footing, yoga and eating chocolate (in moderation) will create secretion of endorfins, this will give you pleasure and lighten your discomfort.
Say NO – You have to know how to say no to excessive demands that are made of you or that you know you cannot complete.
Take part and act- Learn how to ask for help, delegate responsabiltie’s at home and your work place.
Switch off – Take a break when needed or slow down where possible. Knowing how to breath correctly and relax can become your best friend !!!
It is very important that you know your own body,your posture,breathing,voice know what clears your mind and pushes away anxiety.

Have a great day,

Brooke Universal Life Coach

3 Comments on “ALWAYS TIRED…………………………………….

  1. Hola,
    Un tema que muchas personas no comprende, u no quierre acceptar ….
    As hablado muy bien del tema ; no es facil de tener una vida tranquil ….adjuda mucho una buena armonia es una liberacion…. me voy a comer chocolat…. tomar vacaciones …deconectar…. , cambiar de la rutina….. Un alivio total………
    Hasta pronto ,es un placer de leer tu blog !


    • Gracias como siempre, vaya que tema, es verdad que no esta comprendido como toca, pero vamos a poner todos nuestro granito de arena y ayudar donde podemos……………..suerte y gracias por leer mi blog


  2. Que tema… Hay una evolución de comprensión de la pate de las gentes y de los médicos… Va por buen camino… Es verdad que el stess es el peor enemigo… Y es personas hyper sensibles a todo… Frio, calor, emoción…. Cada uno tiene su enfermedad y es de vivir el mejor posible con ella… No quita nada a las valores de cada persona…. Devemos pensar en positivo, tener fe y mucho voluntad y curage… 😀. Gracias para poner este post de nuevo, es cosas mal conocido y mal comprendido, tu y tu blog están formidable!!

    Liked by 1 person

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