For many centuries the art of  giving has been a tradition in many cultures, around the world in all levels of society, when some one gives it is when we see the true nature of that person, When we give we silently speak of love, and deeply explain our joy and our secret inner richness and abundance, we build bridges towards others it can create part of our social lifes.

Woman holding a heart shape toy

We can give for many reasons, it can be for love, it can be for joy, to show your appreciation or your sorrow in the form of sympathy, however when people give for the wrong reasons in the sense of a bribe to win good favour, it will be noticed immediately, people who give from the heart are always felt, it is an unspoken bond that forms, without your heart behind your giving can be felt in the same way.This does not only apply to romantic relationships, friendships, family,work colleagues, your neighbours and people you see on a regular basis all hold a place in your life and heart, you appreciate them in different ways and give to them in different ways, it can be with kind words, a gesture if you are a born giver you will know what is needed when you .

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It is also a known fact that the more you give the more you will receive, as mentioned before this always applies to a genuine giving from the heart, if you have to force yourself to give, anything then it is not the way to receive more into your life. There are many reasons why we should give, even down to a thankyou when we pay a bill, if we are paying a bill we have had some kind of service that I am sure we needed, this is appreciation giving, nobody loves paying bills, but why should we be concerned or unhappy when we stop to think about the pleasure we have maybe obtained for the service before hand, we enjoy our lovely hot water, we take joy from the TV the music we listen to,the country drives we take, even down to the food we eat, and all of these things have come to pass thanks to other people, so they deserve your appreciation, we all like to be appreciated for what we do, so we should always remember to do to others what we would like to have done to us, that’s a golden rule, than many people forget. When you give, you are able to make others happy and yourself  at the same time. So as you go out into your day today, enjoy, give and receive.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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  1. El arte de dar, qué hermoso tema. Dar con amor, por amor, dar para dar felicidad y ser feliz. Saber amar, saber dar… Gracias por dedicar tu tiempo aquí todos los días, es solo felicidad ❤️

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