How do we open ourselves up to our how,what is our part of the plan, the first thing has to be the decision to do so….a promise to yourself that is not to be broken, because you are the one who wants to be open to happiness….this is not in the concept of general happiness it is the little things which pass us by,day after day, the little details that really can fill us with enormous pleasure and happiness, we live with so much stress and speed we forget the present,the here and now,which really is all we have,remember the term “live the moment because what we build today will be your tomorrow”

Happiness 2 enero

So, to be able to do this and continue on our path we must know ourselves, do a check on your emotional side,your educational side your working side,and your social side, do you feel accomplished,do you relate to others,to you look after yourself,do you eat well,exercise,know and acknowledge your strong points and what you feel you need to work on,when we know ourselves really well, we find we can take away kilos that we carry around in our emotional baggage and what blocks us from being satisfied.We all have enormous suitcases where we store our emotion,our frustration our reasons for unhappiness, we need to take them out from time to time and let the fresh air run through everything,this way we avoid an explosion when the last piece does not fit and everything breaks down. And finally we go inside (as mentioned in previous posts) look deep inside of yourself,its amazing what you will find, a long hard honest look, do we understand ourselves and others,is our motivation high enough for what we want, do we have good all round relationships,there are many things to consider, but, you can gain strength from any of these things,its not easy,but it is not impossible,these obstacules are to be overcome, we grow in this process and start to enjoy ourselves and our lives,live every moment and open up your senses.

inner strength 3

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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