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How often do we sit to write our blog, book, poetry and come up blank ! It is the worst feeling in the world, and the more you think, the less happens, we think of a thousand things while we are out and about, great ideas, we even mentally prepare the article in our heads, then we sit down and ………………it’s gone.

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I have a few ways to find my creativity, which I thought I could share today, they do work, so give them a try if needed.

Write:- When we are blocked by a constant thinking of something from our past, the best solution is to write about it, give the person a name, explain the experience and then let your new-found character leave with the pain, all wrapped up within a little story.

Dance:- If you are tense, worried, stressed out and that creativity can not get out, put on some music, dance around, think about every movement your body makes, focus on this, after a while, you will be relaxed and your creativity will be there, in front waiting to pop into action. 

Explore your emotions:- Take different pieces of coloured paper, look at them and observe, what those colours make you feel and sense, write it down the experience of each colour, will give you creativity to carry on.

Everyday creativity:- Invent a new recipe, change your route home, introduce some thing spontaneous into your daily routine, without being an artist or poet, anything could just overflow with creativity amazing things could happen.

Personal Space:- Choose the perfect place to relax where you can explore your creativity, a space where you feel comfortable and do not feel awkward, shy or silly etc., 

Activate your curiosity:- Pay special attention to everything around you as you go through your day, keep a little pad handy and jot all those things that peak your interest, that way you don’t forget anything. 

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Hope this may help a little, be happy and keep that creativity going!!



Brooke Universal Life Coach


11 Comments on “LET’S GET CREATIVE !!!

  1. Beautiful message, great tips dear friend.. well said ☺ – Cezane


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