Are you afraid of future birthdays ? at times we don’t like to admit it,but time does not pass by, it flies by !!!  However it is possible to accept in a positive way the passing of the years, and we can blow out the candles full of excitement and joy.

age post 1

30….Your life is still a blank page, all the doors are open, and life is full of opportunities and possibilities which are there for you. You may have started your own family or you may still be free of responsibilities,but however it is, the world is still at your feet. This is an age where you know what you want, but not to old to know that certain things can be lived again, this is an age where you can dream and work towards what you want to achieve.                                                  We all know someone you avoids their birthday like the plaque,or just jump around their true age, and hide it constantly. We can forgive them for the time elapsed and the society we live in, full of propaganda regarding youth, wrinkles fighting age, and the bad news is we fall for it every time…..We don’t realise at the time that by having birthdays we are tremendously LUCKY how bad would it be if the end of the line was 35 !!!!!  

ageless happiness

                                                                                                                      Everyone seems to be looking for eternal youth, magazines,TV,publicity the internet is full of how to look young, maintain the body, it’s as if,  if you are not young you are finished, this in turn invites society to look badly on a more mature person. It’s true we all feel younger than we are and the years pass rapidly the older you get, but if we look back at maybe are own parents or grandparents, each generation looks younger and is probably more fit, than the generation before us. Each age has its special things and times and this is when we realise that eternal youth is possible in your interior self.                                                  40….With maturity comes knowledge, maybe at 40 someone will stand and give you their seat, or maybe refer to you as Mrs, you feel offended and wonder if they need new glasses ? You feel young, and you are,but we are not 20…and don’t behave like a 20-year-old. The great thing about 40 is, you know what you WANT and more importantly you know how to get IT and you know what you don’t WANT so make the most of it and enjoy.  

friday age

                                                      50….More experience than ever, everybody talks about the crisis of being 50, well, when you get there, you will feel younger than ever, life can be great, your body may have changed a little, but you are still you and if you take the correct steps to care for yourself, you can still have new projects and really enjoy this coming decade.                                      60….Now your really FREE, nearly at the end of your working life, who ever thought you would be near retirement age, don’t worry this is just another step into a new part of your life,you may even have situations that are new to you, this is the time when grandchildren start to arrive, and you were thinking what am I going to do with my time, this is your time to do what you truly feel, travel, shop,take a hobby you have always wanted to, be you and enjoy this stage as much as the rest. 70….Live every second, this is a time when you properly feel good with your self, you eat well, do as you wish, so should be under no stress, you are happy and relaxed, keeping busy with what you enjoy most, just think how fabulous Sofia Loren looked at 70 and is.                                   80….Make a balance of your life while enjoying it, Life gets longer all the time, we have better life styles, and maintain our physical fitness to better levels, we are very healthy and care for ourselves in better ways and if we are happy what more can we wish for

aged sassy strength

Always remember, do not RESIST the age that you have, it happens whether you want it or not, do what you WANT don’t wait for others to know what you want, CELEBRATE your birthday is important, it’s only a number, Live the AGE you are now, it’s important to have respect and dignity enjoy life in mind-body and soul.And never forget your sense of humour!!!! ENJOY EVERY DAY

age 2

Brooke Universal Life Coach



  1. Hola, me gusta l’analisis de los años ….y como soy a une buena fecha , todo va bien por un bueno futuro….. hasta muy pronto con placer


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