First I have to make a point that everyone seems to be mentioning just lately,we all seem to be eating our way from boredom and extra time, we all of a sudden have on our hands…. it’s spring with me and will be soon summer time and we start to peel away our winter layers, we start to think of holidays, the beach, pool visits,we start to show parts of our body that we hide away for the biggest part of the year, so………..the pressure is on !!!

beach body 1

We start to think of dieting to shed those extra kilos……some of you even starve yourselves for days on end, not a good idea, apart from feeling very light headed,weak and generally not in good shape, your scales will probably not move at all, you see shedding those kilos has a secret……….it’s all in the MIND, it’s true !! I know you are now probably thinking, in my mind i’m a super model, then you look in the mirror and think who am I kidding………… well, you’ve just said it, “WHO are you kidding ” the answer is yourself, somewhere deep inside, you feel that you are not worth it, you may choose to not believe this,but it is very true, some deep hidden believe of your own stops you from shedding those unwanted kilos, dieting is like anything else, you have to WANT it, really WANT it, it is a state of mind…….it may take a little time and maybe a little help from a professional for you to work through this, it can even involve weeping, wailing, swearing and the good old general making up of excuses, the crux of weight loss to most is to realise that you are worth it, the opinions of others is totally unimportant, you do this for yourself, because YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU ARE WORTH SPENDING TIME ON, WORTH SPENDING MONEY ON, YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL AND AS IMPORTANT AS ANYONE ELSE, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO THINK OF YOURSELF FIRST,


All this mind work can bring around an amazing revelation to most of you ,because the core issue will be within yourself, make your mindset, believe you can do it and deserve it, you will start to feel great and very proud of yourself as you shed the weight, no pills or finiky fusy diet sheets to follow, just eat healthily, enjoy the food you eat, and try to exercise a little, a 20 min walk is enough,it’s the little changes that eventually make the tremendous changes. 

Let me know how you go on………………………………………………………………..THINK SLIM BE SLIM 


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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