It’s good to know that Chi Running is a work out that incorporates body and mind, to run better and avoid injury with less effort and finally quicker. Always remember to do a warm up before any exercise routine and also when you are finishing.

chi running 1

The strength of the mind,…………Running is one of the best exercises to drop weight and tone up the body, many people turn away from this form of exercise if they are not great runners,but this is not the case, you can run at the speed you want, start with a quicker walking step and build up, this exercise is not a question of speed, it’s mind and body working together, running for your life can cause health issues, however Chi running can help you to eliminate issues………… can be used by anyone. You set your pace !

chi running 2

The mind will do most of the work, it decides which muscles will move and relax, pay attention to the signals you are sending to your body, you need to be aware of the response and movements. Breath deeply it is one of the most difficult important factor’s and the one that most runners forget,therefore you will be tired very early on, remember that more oxygen reaches the body the more efficient the exercise will be. The more the muscle is relaxed the oxygen will carry easier to the cells, if you suffer from stress it is more difficult to move and you will feel more tired.  Good posture is important here, place yourself in front of a mirror and go through your motions as if you were out doing your daily Chi running.Start slowly and build up to your comfort zone. Leave your headphones at home, this is a moment to listen to yourself, total concentration between you,your mind and body as one. 

chi running 3

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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