I would like to know how we are going to get back into the swing, after this forced upon  break, This is going to be very hard for some people, our  routines have changed the days are shorter or longer depending where you are and the evenings are cooler or warmer, but with all that said, we must also see the positive side of these times,we start to do things that we enjoy, we start to look at the new fashion trends for the next season, we start to plan our holiday breaks (which might include a little beach or snow) and we start to get motivated in a different way,these are things we can think about and start to prepare in our minds, the simple things in life which we had taken away for a period of time,  we can enjoy walks and even the gym more due to the drop in regulations and conditions.

life change 1

We are generally more comfortable doing our everyday activities,(where possible) for some it’s the perfect time of year,the days still bring sunshine which always feels good,but the mornings are more fresh and the smell of “get out here” is in the air,the nights are cooler which always allows a better night’s sleep, these are many things that are positive and we see it is not all gloom of being back at the office or our workplace. Do we feel grateful for this change ? there are many things where are gratitude can  be shown and thanks can be given,many do not realise how important gratitude is, we all have things and circumstances to be grateful for, we see, we feel, we think, we breath, we eat, we move these are all things we should be grateful for, our families our friends, you could make a list a mile long or even more, it is part of our everyday life,but, many do not see it or worse still never give thanks for it, the more gratitude you give and feel the more gratitude you will be given back, in many different ways, we should always be aware of giving thanks,and we should always see the gratitude we can give in a negative situation, we can learn something or see things we did not see before and we should be grateful for that.

Gratitude extra

Acceptance is also linked in a way to gratitude, when we see gratitude in a difficult situation we should also accept, this is always beneficial to ourselves, when we accept we can move forward, until then we are trapped and stuck, totally blocked and unable to progress and succeed, I have said before that this does not mean you agree with what you are accepting but you take it and accept it, freeing yourself to move forward, when we loose a loved one, we do not agree with the situation, but if we accept the loss, we are helping ourselves through a difficult time,and time heals and we have helped this by acceptance, in other circumstances if we give acceptance to ourselves you will then not have to look as much from other people, when people have to look to others for acceptance, you will find that they will have a problem of some kind, people with addiction and rejection related problems will very often look for approval and acceptance.


Enjoy your time ahead, and remember to be grateful for everything and everyone you have around you, keep the motivation going…………….

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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