We are all being put to the test in these recent weeks, confined to our homes, some of us alone and others with our families around us, which is the best, I really do not know, they both have pro’s and con’s……..

The first week, was great news, time for us to catch up on all those things that are labelled ” I will see to that later” all of a sudden “later” has arrived, and we look forward to tackling the job at hand, the feeling of satisfaction when it is done, is so great we move on to the next project, that was put on hold………

As this time goes on, we move from being happy to be able to do things, to worry about how long this will go on, and what is actually going on around us, the feeling of seeking in an extra little holiday is giving way to the actual disaster that is taking place around us, this disease that is spreading quicker than maybe anything we have ever seen, this is an experience we are not going to forget in a hurry, it makes us realise how fragile we can be to something we can’t even see, that has expanded around the whole world……….

We are being tested to the limit in all areas, boredom, anxiety ,fear we are open to so many emotions and experiences, but we are strong, so strong much more than we had ever thought……we can deal with this and much more, you know if you follow my blog that one of the universal laws that I mention the most is the Law of Acceptance, and this is no different, when we accept this new situation that has been forced upon us, not by choice, the better we will handle it, to be angry about being confined, or not enough supplies in the supermarket, or being unable to socialize, a drop in your income etc., whatever it is, accept it in your mind, let it in and find a space for it, this is a temporary situation and slowly things will become nearer to normal as possible, when we hold an internal fight with the situation, we have double the work, one to accumulate all the fear and anxiety that goes with it, and secondly to unravel it all and keep going day to day, acceptance brings you to a place of calm, acceptance allows you to focus on what is at hand, acceptance helps you help your family and loved one’s to find the strength they need and most important to be happy during this time, life is all about obstacles and hurdles, and it is your job to return the balance you need, we are all going to get through this, and the more focused we are on positive things within our life the better we will be, accept what is happening and then start to feel all the positivity that can unfold from this situation, if you are alone, don’t get bored, start to really get to know yourself, work on yourself, you will be amazed on what you can learn and if you are in company of friends or family, the same principle stands, we all have so much to learn about ourselves, discovering who we are and who we share our life with can be quite exciting and will give us a better understanding of one another……in these times it is important to show love that you have inside, sometimes just feeling it,can not be communicated to others……….share,always share what you have in your life, your heart your thoughts…………

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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