It’s the end of the day, you are in your castle and hopefully will relax,or at least you will start to relax, for most people the problem comes along when it’s time to go to bed, really ready for a good night’s sleep, it is amazing the amount of people that can not obtain a good night’s sleep, this is so important, without good sleep, your body does not function 100%, and if you have busy day’s whether that be mentally or physically your output will not have the desired results. So, how do we achieve that perfect sleep, when we can wake with all the benefits of sleeping like a baby, ready to face our busy life style.

sleeping image

This simple exercise with a little practice has had great success with my clients, from young to older,from broken hearts to everyday life and family problems, you first have to feel comfortable where you are, you may have read a blog i did a while ago on decorating your space for very little money and to love your surroundings,if this is not the case,you will have to use your imagination,but at least feel comfortable in your bed,get the pillow right and settle down, close your eyes and slowly count back from 10 to 0, with each number you will feel your body relaxing more and more, when you reach your point 0, this is where you have to take yourself through your imagination to your favourite place, people surrounding, transport yourself, wherever it may be, I have had clients on motorbikes, taking there favourite ride,skiing down slopes,soaking up the sun,a tropical island,a walk in the forest,a romantic dinner, whatever makes you feel at perfect peace, what is important here is the detail you give your image,the more detail you can incorporate the more you will feel the moment and your relaxation point will be that of total freedom to drift into your perfect sleeping state.

dreams 3a

The reason for this exercise to obtain perfect sleep, is to take control of your thoughts, most people find that sleep escapes them because there mind will not stop, your body is tired but the mind keeps going, there is nothing worse than that feeling of watching the clock, and going through your break up,problem or whatever it is that keeps your mind going 24/7, this can work the first time for some it takes a little bit of work, but work that is worth the effort. Take yourself to your favourite place maybe with your favourite person and sleep, sleep sleep……………………………………………….


dreams 4

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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